Crosslinking treatments

Standard Crosslinking

This refers to the first and oldest treatment by means of cross-linking. Here, the entire cornea is uniformly irradiated in a complex process and cured holistically. The therapy lasts about 1 hour.

Accelerated Crosslinking

Similar to the standard procedure, the entire cornea is irradiated. Only the irradiation time within the therapy was strongly reduced and amounts to scarcely 10 min., Which is felt as very comfortable by the patient.

Personalized Crosslinking / MOSAIC ™

In addition to the irradiation time, the irradiation itself was optimized. By creating an individual irradiation profile and the irradiation time and intensity adapted to it, an optimal result can be achieved. Individual wishes are taken into account as well.

Refractive Crosslinking / PiXL ™

This is a non-invasive procedure where refractive changes are induced by hardening specific areas of the cornea. The method is suitable for making small refractive corrections.

Each of the cross-linking methods mentioned here can be performed both with and without removal of the epithelium. We are happy to advise you individually on the various options.