Interview with Dr. Sylvia Paulig at the 21th Arab-German Business Forum

Founding Berliner Privatpraxis

Impressions from 13rd June 2012, Opening Ceremony of our private clinic in Berlin | Keratokonuszentrum.



Binovision at MDR

A report by the MDR about Binovision with the Light Adjustable Lens, developed by Dr. med. Paulig.



Binovision für US-Bürger

Treatment Success Binovision (Matthew McEnnerney – American Film & Theater Director) 


Opening day 2010

Dr. Paulig lädt invites in her new clini in Cottbus.



Symposium 2010

Founding of Paulig Augenklinik | Praxis in Cottbus with the mayor.



Light Adjustable Lens

The intraocular lens (Calhoun Vision) made to measure. Binovision, developed by Dr. med. Paulig.



Symposium 2009

In the beautiful village Burg (Spreewald) a symposium took place with subsequent interview of Prof. Dr. Schwartz (USA), Prof. Dr. Bayer & Prof. Dr. Koch.



Open Day 2008

Dr. Paulig invites to her clinic in Cottbus.