Cornelia Birkigt · Grauer Star Operation (Katarakt)

Katarakt Operation

Meinen herzlichen Dank an Frau Dr. Paulig.

Dank ihrer professionellen Katarakt-OP kann ich nun auf die Sehhilfe verzichten!

Welch ein Gefühl und welch ein Zugewinn an Lebensqualität!
Ich war seit meiner Kindheit stets auf eine Sehhilfe angewiesen, konnte ohne diese Korrektur fast nichts sehen. Nach umfangreicher Diagnostik und ausführlichen Gesprächen, in welchen es um verschiedene Behandlungsmöglichkeiten meines Katarakts und meiner sehr starken Kurzsichtigkeit ging, entschied ich mich nach sechs Monaten dann für eine Operation im April 2019.

In den Vorgesprächen wurden mir die Ergebnisse der Diagnostik genau erläutert und visuell dargestellt. Meine vielen Fragen wurden umfassend beantwortet. Zu allen Konsultationen traf ich auf ein zugewandtes und freundliches Team. Die Betreuung vor und am OP-Tag und zu den nachfolgenden Kontrolluntersuchungen habe ich als angenehm empfunden. Die Abläufe in der Praxis sind gut abgestimmt, das Management sehr gut durchdacht.

Besonders möchte ich mich bei Frau Dr. Paulig bedanken, dass sie sich für eine individuelle Lösung meines Problems einsetzte.

Ich wünsche Frau Dr. Paulig und dem Team der PAULIG EYE CLINIC alles Gute.

Prof. Dr. Friedrich-Carl Wachs · Glaucoma treatment

Routine examination revealed early-stage glaucoma

With Dr. med. Paulig and her team make you feel like you’re in Abrahams‘ lap: professionally well looked after, warmly received, all equipment technically up-to-date – better can not be an eye clinic! In a routine examination, I was diagnosed with early-stage glaucoma and successfully controlled by consistent treatment. I thank you warmly and can Dr. med. Recommend Paulig and your team with conviction.

Best regards

Eugenia Klossek · Bioresonance therapy

Therapy of my daughter with bioresonance therapy

My daughter always suffers from allergies in the summer and never felt well. We came across bioresonance therapy at the Paulig Eye Clinic. Our family doctor said that we should not do that, but my husband advised me. I would not regret it. I decided to do bioresonance therapy with my daughter. It was time consuming to visit several dates. It has paid off. My daughter had no problems this summer and fall. Through bioresonance therapy, my daughter looks healthier and fitter again. Therefore, I can only recommend the therapy.

Best regards

Lehmann Werner · 88 years · Cataract-OP

Very tastefully decorated practice

I am a cataract patient. I would like to thank you all again for your efforts in this way. We found a very nice, hard-working team and very tastefully decorated rooms, which we found very pleasant. We recommend you to continue! I hope my lines are a small incentive for you to continue and conjure a smile in your face.

Best regards

Becker Roswita · 44 years · early cataracts + retinitis pigmentosa

The world rediscovered – Binovision

In March 2011, I took a computer course, my job is very important to me, hence the training. As the class started, I quickly realized that I could not see anything on the computer screen. In addition, for about 2 years I could no longer decipher a newspaper as a passionate reader. I have been to various ophthalmologists, which did not give me any hope for improvement. My quality of life was limited more and more, driving only in an emergency, a new large TV had to be purchased, I had to neglect the household and the garden, on bright days I could see no more 5m, people started running and left me more my hearing. It went so far that I had to shift all my focus to seeing. I was always dissatisfied and had almost given up hope. Fatigue spread. In October 2011, I got an appointment with Dr. med. Paulig in Berlin for diagnosis or treatment. This appointment awakened new hope in me and the treatment method Binovision in conjunction with the Light Adjustable Lens gave me a huge boost in motivation. In November 2011, I went to surgery without much expectation. After the first surgery, I got a pair of sunglasses and discovered a whole new world, totally stunned. Normally euphoric I told my family, friends and my working environment about the result. No one could understand how Dr. Paulig and the Calhoun Light Adjustable Lens have made my life worth living again. The 2nd OP was as grand as the first and I was finally able to see again, discover colors, recognize writings and after 15 years my hobby came back the »reading«. The first time was overwhelming, a true overstimulation. My family and I are most grateful to Dr. Ing. Paulig and all her extraordinarily friendly team. Today I can see everything, read everything and discover a lot, completely without glasses.

Thank you so much.

Hinz Stefan · 28 years · Keratoconus left eye

Finally sharp again – Keraflex

My left eye looked blurry since the beginning of 2011. I could not drive a car because I did not recognize the signs, not even the big advertising signs. I received a referral from my home ophthalmologist to Dr. med. Paulig. The reason for the referral were the special and modern measuring devices for diagnostics in the Berlin Keratoconus Center. Miss Dr. Paulig noted corneal vaulting (keratoconus), which is treatable. I received the non-invasive Keraflex treatment. The pain 1-2 days after surgery was good to endure. This was followed by a crosslinking to freeze the new condition of my cornea. The treated eye continued to linger for a while, due to the circular scar disappearing after a few months. The point is, however, that my blurry vision is restored to 100% (with pinhole) and 90% (without pinhole). I am very happy about the result and am Dr. med. Paulig more than thankful.

Lange Ursula · 85 years · Cataract OP – Light Adjustable Lens

Dreamlike organization

My eyesight was as good as no longer available, I got a referral to the end of 2011 to Dr. med. Paulig. My grandson helped me with the coordination. He and my family doctor were convinced that something had to happen, otherwise I would have to do without my eyesight altogether. I decided to go for a treatment with the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) at Dr. Ing. Paulig. With great enthusiasm I enjoyed the time in the Paulig Eye Clinic, the very nice staff took care of my well-being, the advice of Dr. med. Paulig was first class. The organization of the operation and the treatment was great, I felt very well looked after from the start, I had great faith in the team and it was „churning“. I had no pain after surgery. Now I am looking forward to my new eyesight.

Many thanks to Dr. med. Paulig, she and her team do a really good job.

Hauck Karl-Heinz · 67 years · cataract + left eye since birth 5% eyesight

Top view in the workshop

I have been a patient in Hoyerswerda for many years, unfortunately I have to report that I did not feel very well at a resident ophthalmologist, in my opinion the diagnostic equipment was outdated and even around the doctor’s office made a really good impression. At my last examination I was told by the receptionist that one day I would go blind. I was shocked by this information, the trust in the doctor was gone. I could see worse and worse, my quality of life was cut more every day, I could not drive a car, I could not read newspapers anymore. Without the help of my wife was almost nothing, climbing stairs only with support. A former colleague is a patient with Dr. med. Paulig, he also had his eyes operated on and was more than satisfied with the result. I let him give me the phone number and just called the Paulig Eye Clinic. I got quite an appointment (about 4 weeks) an appointment, the staff was great and very nice. I also thanked my treatment with a little attention. I read the patient information very benevolently and then I drove with a queasy feeling to the operation, the staff calmed down but locally. When I woke up after surgery, I did not feel any pain, I was very happy about that. The same evening I was even by Dr. med. Paulig personally called, she inquired about my health, something no doctor has ever done with me. I am very pleased and happy about my treatment, I do not need glasses anymore after 35 years, just great. Watching TV, reading newspapers and tinkering everything works without restrictions. I can go back to my hobby passionately, I weld carnival parade wagons that sit seams. My new life is wonderful, big thanks and Best regards to Dr. med. Paulig and the staff of the Paulig Eye Clinic.

Wirth Rosemarie · 76 years · Cataract OP

Positive view into the future

At the beginning of 2010, I realized that the other person was better at seeing me than I was, I could not handle the sewing machine so well, I had great difficulty threading the thread. Even the work in the garden was not so easy. I suspected that I needed new glasses, to determine my values, I went to the Paulig Eye Clinic. The diagnosis I received on the spot was terrifying for me, cataract. I got a timely appointment for eye surgery. The staff of Dr. med. Paulig is extremely friendly and competent, the ambience in the clinic is beautiful, I felt very well cared for. Since I was already a little excited, I was very happy about my care, the staff takes care of me and the other patients without any hassle. The advice of Dr. med. Paulig was very nice and enlightening, I could understand and understand everything. I decided after the consultation for a lens in the middle price segment, the simplest lenses, which paid the health insurance, I did not want now either. With me, everything must always happen the same, I can not wait long for something, my appointment was set very soon. On the day of surgery I was not afraid, I have faith in the work of the Paulig Eye Clinic, even the pain is bearable and barely worth mentioning. The second surgery on the other eye was as smooth as the first surgery. I now only need reading glasses, progressive lenses are no longer required, my quality of life has increased enormously after surgery. My garden and my household are now waiting for me, with my new eyesight, I’m looking forward to the future.

Wraffel Birgitt · 70 years · Cataract OP

Any time!

My regional ophthalmologist diagnosed cataract in 2008, which was not really surprising to me because my other eye was suffering from the same condition. Miss Dr. Paulig was the surgeon at first sight, so it was natural for me to treat the second eye as well. My experiences in the Cottbus clinic were always positive and I always felt well cared for. The appointment for the OP came faster than expected, the telephone availability was always given, on questions I always received a friendly response. The team at the Paulig Eye Clinic was always friendly and helpful, I was offered a hot drink of your choice with each visit, the ambience of the eye clinic quickly makes you forget that you are with the doctor, I personally like it very much. The advice of Dr. med. Paulig was very extensive, I was presented in addition to the premium products and the cheap products, advantages and disadvantages were conveyed to me understandable. After the operation, I felt almost no pain, the team also takes care of the patients after the surgery, I do not know what to improve there, I would come back at any time.

McEnnerney Matthew (Theater Director) · 69 years · Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)

Light Adjustable Lens (LAL)

A life changing experience.

For me, the treatment at the Paulig Clinic was an overwhelming experience – I came able to see only enough to avoid bumping into people, who were merely a blur in one eye. I leave seeing clearly at long distances, in the mid range and up close. I am actually able to read small type without glasses. The Binovision technique devised by Dr. Paulig is extraordinary and has satisfied my professional need to see near and far without having to change glasses, etc. I was on the verge of having surgery in the United States, which would have been convenient and inexpensive; however, I was dissatisfied with the somewhat unpredictable outcomes resulting from commercial lens sizing. I asked my wife to do a little more research and she discovered the web site for the Calhoun Light Adjustable Lens. The technology seemed perfect in allowing for post operative adjustments of the lenses. However, we soon learned that though they were designed in California, they were unavailable in the United States.  My son learned that the LAL’s had been in use for some years in Europe and located several clinics that used them. The Paulig Binovision technique and its results were compelling. A four or five week trip to Germany was certainly not in our budget, but my family was supportive and the decision was made. From the time I arrived, the care and treatment were superb.  Dr. Paulig and her colleagues and staff are  highly professional and experienced; Furthermore, they obviously care about the patients and the results that are achieved- actually, the atmosphere at the Clinic is quite friendly, which is impressive considering how busy they are. In truth, the  results for me have been far better than I could possibly have anticipated.  I would be happy to share my experiences in more detail with anyone considering this form of treatment. A life changing experience. Modern medicine at its best. I leave seeing as well as I did twenty years ago. The Light Adjustable Lenses and Dr. Paulig’s pioneering Binovision technique are amazing. The Paulig Augenklinik is a combination of outstanding objective medical results and a genuine and personal concern for the satisfaction and welfare of their patients.