Keraflex – The gentle method for the correction of higher refractive errors

See better again

The Keraflex procedure makes it possible for the first time to perform refractive surgery without tissue removal. Normally, refractive surgery removes corneal tissue to produce a refractive power change in the cornea. A possible weakening of the corneal stability is accepted. With the Keraflex method, it is now possible to produce a change in the curvature of the cornea and thus a change in force without removing corneal tissue.

The Keraflex method, which has now been approved after years of testing, combines the use of microwaves for corneal correction with the already well-known corneal crosslinking procedure. It is thus a very gentle method for corneal correction. In addition, it is completely reversible.

Keraflex – gentle to your eyes

Under the targeted and precisely adjusted to the correction use of microwaves with simultaneous cooling of the corneal tissue outside the optical zone thermal effects in the deeper corneal tissue (stroma) are generated, which cause the desired flattening or steepening of the cornea. This happens in a process that takes only a few milliseconds and is completely painless for the patient. In order to make the achieved curvature change permanent, a second intervention is made within 4 weeks after the microwave treatment: the cornea crosslinking. In the cornea network in a 15-minute procedure meshes are created in the stroma of the cornea. The curvature change of the cornea is usually fixed over time.