Binovision in connection with eye surgery Cataract or after Clear Lense extractions

Binovision is a new method that allows us to correct all refractive errors (including presbyopia). Binovision enables stereoscopic, binocular vision in all distance ranges. Binovision is performed in conjunction with eye surgery Cataract or Clear Lense Extraction with implantation of a Calhoun Light Adjustable Lens (LAL) and allows a precise result prediction.

Binovision provides our patients with perfect near, intermediate, and distant vision without the harsh effects (halos) found in other lenses (especially multifocal lenses).

With the Calhoun Light Adjustable Lens it is possible to achieve the desired target fraction with high precision. After irradiation of the operated eyes (adjustment and lock-in with the LDD device), we noticed that all patients were able to see excellently both in the distance and in the intermediate area as well as in the vicinity.

In studies using the iTrace aberrometer, we found a strong increase in depth of field in all patients studied. We attribute this to the increase in asphericity of the lens as part of the post-treatment. These results have encouraged us to offer a new correction principle: Binovision.

Binovision is the binocular visual spatial perception of objects in all distances. One eye each leads in the close proximity of the long distance, about 90 percent of all distance ranges are perceived by both eyes together. We are convinced that Binovision with the Light Adjustable Lens is currently a superior and interesting method for presbyopia correction patients (correction of presbyopia).

Sehen mit Binovision

Better seeing with binovision